Aveda stress-fix™ @ IINN Sustainable Beauty

Aveda — stress-fix™

Wash away stress and soften your skin with nourishing plant oils. shop now
Aveda rosemary mint @ IINN Sustainable Beauty

Aveda — rosemary mint

Invigorates fine to medium hair and awakens the senses with rosemary and peppermint. shop now
Aveda green science™ @ IINN Sustainable Beauty

Aveda — green science™

Green science™ skin care proves nature works, reducing visible lines and wrinkles by 37%. shop now
Aveda outer peace™ @ IINN Sustainable Beauty

Aveda — outer peace™

4 weeks to clearer skin. 92% succes rate in reducing blemishes. shop now
Aveda botanical kinetics™ @ IINN Sustainable Beauty

Aveda — botanical kinetics™ for the oily skin

Experience skin care alive with the vital energy of plants. For all types of skin/oily skin. shop now
Aveda botanical kinetics™ @ IINN Sustainable Beauty

Aveda — botanical kinetics™ for dry to very dry skin

Experience skin care alive with the vital energy of plants. For dry to very dry skin. shop now
Aveda pure fume™ @ IINN Sustainable Beauty

Aveda — pure fume™

100% mineral-derived aroma’s and products our guests can’t live without. shop now
Aveda tourmaline @ IINN Sustainable Beauty

Aveda — tourmaline

Feel the power of nature with skin care with tourmaline minerals. shop now
Aveda all-sensitive™ @ IINN Sustainable Beauty

Aveda — all-sensitive™

Dermatologically tested skin care for sensitive skin. shop now
Aveda make-up @ IINN Sustainable Beauty

Aveda — make-up

Aveda makeup combines the energy of minerals with nourishing plant extracts. Without parabens, talk or mineral oil. Naturally beautiful. shop now
Aveda shampure™ @ IINN Sustainable Beauty

Aveda — shampure™

Discover soothing care to relax and refresh the senses with Aveda Shampure™. shop now
Aveda be curly™ @ IINN Sustainable Beauty EN

Aveda — be curly™

Moisterize and fight frizz with certified organic babassu oil and shea butter. shop now
Aveda pure abundance™ @ IINN Sustainable Beauty

Aveda — pure abundance™

Nature’s boost for fine hair. Infuses hair with weightless volume and body, and is packed with naturally derived boosters like acacia gum and aloe. shop now
Aveda tulasara™ @ IINN Sustainable Beauty

Aveda — tulasara™

Wake up to wedding-day luminous eyes. Relaxing, firming, hydrating
and collagen reaffirming. shop now
Aveda smooth infusion™ @ IINN Sustainable Beauty

Aveda — smooth infusion™

Nourish hair and fight frizz all day with certified organic cupaçu and shea buttors. shop now
Aveda dry remedy™ @ IINN Sustainable Beauty

Aveda — dry remedy™

Penetrates to instantly moisurise hair by 41%. shop now
Aveda pure plant @ IINN Sustainable Beauty

Aveda — pure plant

Enrich, enlighten or accent your hair color or highlights. shop now
Aveda men pure-formance™ @ IINN Sustainable Beauty

Aveda — men pure-formance™

High quality hair- and care products for men. A rich, spicy and refreshing aroma with kunzea, citrus and certified organic essential oils like green mint, vetiver and lavender. shop now
Aveda color conserve™ @ IINN Sustainable Beauty

Aveda — color conserve™

Love your haircolor; keep it vibrant and shiny. shop now
Aveda invati™ @ IINN Sustainable Beauty

Aveda — invati™

Thicker, fuller looking hair. 97% naturally derived. Reduce hair loss due to breakage. shop now
Aveda brilliant™ @ IINN Sustainable Beauty

Aveda — brilliant™

Brilliant shine, hydratation, smoothness and fixation. shop now
Aveda light elements™ @ IINN Sustainable Beauty

Aveda — light elements™

Ultralight texture with a strong but supple fixation for all hairtypes. Biological bee- and jojobawax create a ubique flexibility. shop now
Aveda damage remedy @ IINN Sustainable Beauty

Aveda — damage remedy™

Nature’s remedy for damaged hair. With the power of quinoa protein. shop now
Aveda scalp benefits™ @ IINN Sustainable Beauty

Aveda — scalp benefits™ / remedy™

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. Scalp remedy™ and benefits™ cleanses, hourishes and balances all hair and scalp types to create a doundation for healthy hair. shop now
Aveda sun care @ IINN Sustainable Beauty

Aveda — sun care

Clean, repair and protect your skin against damage done by the sun. shop now

Our range of Aveda products offer a wide choice of hair-, face- and body care. Aveda products are powerful, concentrated and above all pure. Because of the high standards Aveda is the world pioneer in the green cosmetics: more than 90% of the used essential oils and 89% of all natural ingredients are certified organic.

At iinn we use Aveda products because they help us making you look beautiful while respecting people and nature. Would you like to experience the Aveda difference? Come along to our store where you can try the products before you purchase.


In our Aveda flagship store in Amsterdam we sell the entire range of Aveda products we use in our treatments. At Aveda, our goal is to ensure our products will benefit our guests through exceptional performance, while we deliver our continued promise of environmental and social responsibility. Together with Aveda we work to improve living and working conditions all over the world.
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