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by | Apr 1, 2017

iinn between

Finally! Short intensive treatments to combine with cutting and coloring, or to be booked during your lunchbreak or before a business meeting or night out. Experience the dynamics of coloring your hair during your beauty treatment. Or would you like a manicure while we cut your hair? Make-up after blow drying? With our iinn between treatments this is now possible!

With iinn between, we focus on beauty and vitality in short spa and beauty treatments. For example, energizing your skin with a facial treatment, but also makeup, manicure, massage or various eye treatments for radiant eyes. You can book iinn between treatments together with you hair reservation.

face iinn between

The iinn between 25-minute beauty treatments are perfect to combine with an appointment for your hair. The hydrating facial, Aveda tulasara facial and the plant peel are especially adapted to be suitable for application during hair coloring.
The hydrating facial is a facial treatment increasing the moisture absorption of your skin while feeding your skin with intensive nutrition and energy. The tulasara relaxing facial strengthens and hydrates your skin and reinforces the connective tissue. The plant peel helps to remove the old skin cells and will give you a fresh, soft and healthy skin. Experience the optimal beauty of your skin and choose out of various exquisit iinn between treatments for your face.

hands & feet iinn between

While shaking hands or showing nails you unintentionally tell a lot about yourself. With our special treatments we take care of your hands and nails in a natural way, with our unique non-toxic nail polish.
The iinn between treatment for your feet is very effective; cleansing and relaxing your feet and improving your blood circulation. For your hands and nails we also have special iinn between treatments, ideal to combine with a hair cutting or coloring appointment.

make up iinn between

Want to arrive in optimal condition at your next appointment? Everything just perfect? Particularly interesting might be our 20 minute makeup touch up, perfectly suited to book after your cut and color treatment or your beauty treatments at the spa. Also, other makeup preferences are available as iinn between treatments as well. Naturally, we use the sustainable makeup of Aveda, suiting your personal style.

massage iinn between

Relaxation for back, neck and shoulders in just 20 minutes? The combination of our massage and the scent of Aveda stress fix essential oils will give you that necessary energy. You can enjoy the iinn between stress fix massage experience in combination with an appointment at the hairdresser. The chair massage blue oil can make you fit and energetic in a short amount of time. The oil soothes and invigorates your muscles and relieves tension. Our staff will also advise you how to use this Aveda product at home.

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