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iinn beauty: The Aveda Flagship Store ánd sustainable hair- and beautysalon. Craftmanship right in the heart of Amsterdam.

Our relationship with Aveda begins in 1978 when we started incorporating the knowledge of Ayurveda (Indian healing tradition). With this knowledge we can bring you greats effects on a daily basis, and not just on hair and skin, but also on your body, mind and mood.

With Aveda, you will experience the art and science of pure flower and plant essences. We believe that nature is the best beauty artist of all. This is why we continually strive to increase our use of naturally derived ingredients whenever possible.

In our Aveda flagship store in Amsterdam we sell the entire range of Aveda products we use in our treatments. At Aveda, our goal is to ensure our products will benefit our guests through exceptional performance, while we deliver our continued promise of environmental and social responsibility. Together with Aveda we work to improve living and working conditions all over the world.

Join us in our beautiful monumental building in the centre of Amsterdam and feel our complete sustainable formula: hairdresser, beauty salon and spa. At iinn beauty you will experience how we take care of your hair and skin in a natural way.

With our craftsmanship we will give our full attention to your appearance. And because we are both hair salon, beauty salon and spa we can fully integrate various beauty disciplines. Experience the dynamics of coloring your hair during a beauty treatment. Or would you like a manicure while we cut your hair? Make-up after blow drying? At iinn everything is possible!

The positive change of your appearance is key; At iinn beauty we invite you to come and experience our optimal care. [ make appointment now ]

visit our homepage for more information:

Singel 188


+31 (0)20 627 63 37




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