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Stress Fixed!

by | Apr 1, 2017

Stress Free!

It’s February and everybody is working hard. Time flies and we all seem to be going full speed ahead. So, this month we focus on the Stress Fix massage and products. We want to start the year right and offer everyone relaxation. Our Stress Fix promotion offers a special iinn between treatment for €14.95 instead of € 20.

Stess Fix is a range of natural products by Aveda, based on sage and lavender essential oils which offer calmness and deep relaxation.

Hair and Skin

Stress affects hair and skin and makes it irregular and pale. Some people even lose their hair or get skin conditions. There are many different ways to de-stress: meditating, sports or hiking outdoors. With this your body creates endorfines and dopamines which relax your body and make you feel happy.


The bathtub is also a great place to relax. Therefore, Stressfix is also available for use in the bathtub: bathing salt, oils and shower creme are all for sale at iinn.

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